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The Fastest VPN Providers


Posted February 16, 2013 by

When it comes to picking the right VPN, for most people it just comes down to speed. All the bells and whistles are great, but bottom line: Is it secure? And is it fast? Every VPN we feature on this site is secure, let’s see which vpn will satisfy your need for speed…

The Fastest VPN Services:

#1: PureVPN – A+

In our testing, the speeds we experienced with PureVPN were unparalleled. We were more often limited by our own internet connection (15-20Mbps) than PureVPN’s servers. Both the U.S.A. and International speeds were outstanding. PureVPN isn’t a one trick pony either, their software is one of the best and most full-featured VPN clients we’ve come across. PureVPN is a bit pricier than average, but their fast vpn service is well worth the extra cash.

PureVPN Speed Test Results

PureVPN US SpeedTest

United States Speed Test (LA and NYC)

PureVPN International SpeedTest

Europe Speed Test Results

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#2: VyprVPN – A-

VyprVPN (by golden frog) has burst onto the VPN scene in a big way. They own their own servers instead of outsourcing them like most VPN providers, so they can deliver excellent speed at any time of day. Vypr also includes free secure cloud storage and excellent customer support with your vpn purchase.

VyprVPN Speed Test Results

VyprVPN international Speed test results

VyprVPN Paris and London Speed Test

VyprVPN USA Speed Test

VyprVPN USA Speed Test

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#3: IPVanish

IPVanish is the fastest growing VPN provider in the world (as of January 2013) and is also one of the fastest. They are expanding the quantity and location of their Gigabit+ VPN servers at a breakneck page, and with expansion comes speed. Less users per server means more speed per user, and IPVanish is committed to creating a quality user experience. Best of all, IPVanish is the most affordable of the top 3 fastest VPN’s, and costs under $7 per month with a 12 month purchase.

IPVanish Speed Test Results

IPvanish usa speed test

IPVanish NYC and Atlanta Speed Test

IPvanish World Speed Test

IPVanish Speed Test London and Los Angeles

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    Have you tried swapping your roeutr ? I presume when you connect dialup its direct to the phone jack ?I have a Linksys WAG54gx2 which failed miserably to pass VPN traffic (Cisco client) in a reliable fashion and it seems to be a known issue the Cisco site had a lot of troubleshooting. An eircom netopia worked flawlessly. It is more stable now but I don’t use it all that often.

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