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About VPNTopTen

We at VPNTopTen are committed to providing information, opinons, and reviews about the best VPN services in the business. We know there are literally hundreds of VPN services available, but only a fraction of those provide the level of functionality, privacy, and customer service that we believe all VPN users are entitled to. While we do affiliate with all of the VPN services featured on this site, we do so because we believe they are of superior quality and worthy of consideration by our readers. We have personally tested many VPN providers that are not featured on this website, because they didn’t meet the high standards of performance we expect of quality vpn service.

A note about privacy:

Internet privacy has never been more of a hot button issue than it is now. Personal freedoms are under attack worldwide. Personal online usage data is being tracked, stored, and sold (usually without user knowledge). We firmly believe in net neutrality and personal privacy. A VPN is a great step towards achieving greater privacy online. Virtual Private Networks are also an effective defense against identity theft, hacking, and snooping. We expect to see huge growth in the privacy industry in the coming years and  will do our best to make sure our readers have access to the best information possible, to make informed decisions about their personal privacy, liberty, and online security.


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