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Vypr VPN Review

vyper vpn review featured logo
vyper vpn review featured logo
vyper vpn review featured logo


VPN Features: , ,
Price (1 Month): $9.95 (VyprVPN) $14.95 (VyprVPN Pro)




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Posted February 21, 2013 by

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VyperVPN is a premium VPN service that emphasizes speed and customer support above all else. Unlike other VPN’s that outsource their servers, Vyper controls and hosts all their own VPN servers, which means maximum speed for users. VyperVPN is also mobile optimized, and they have their own VyperVPN mobile applications for Android and iOS devices.

VyperVPN Feature List

VPN Features Details
VPN Protocols OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, Chameleon (Stealth VPN)
Easy Software Setup? Yes
# of Countries with Servers 50+
IP Addresses Thousands
Encryption 256-bit AES
DNS Leak Protection? Yes. Built into software. No DNS leaks in testing.
VPN Speed Very Fast
HD Streaming Capable Yes
Logging Policy Temporary
Skype Allowed? Yes
BitTorrent/P2P Allowed? Yes
BitCoin Accepted? no
Mobile App VyperVPN App for iOS and Android
Other Features DumpTruck Encrypted Cloud Storage (Included Free with VPN)
Customer Support 24/7 Email, Live Chat
VyperVPN cost/month $9.95
VyperVPN Pro cost/month $14.95 $7.50
Save 50% on 1st month

Visit the VyprVPN Website

VyprVPN Review: Software and Features

VyprVPN Software Options:

  • Vypr VPN for Mac
  • VyprVPN for Windows
  • VyprVPN Android App
  • VyprVPN Iphone App

Setup and Installation

No matter whether you’re using a a desktop or mobile app for VyprVPN, setup is as simple as installing the software and entering your username and password.

VyprVPN Desktop Software

VyprVPN has some of the best software of any VPN provider we’ve ever tested. They offer the choice of 4 VPN protocols, including their own proprietary ‘Chameleon’ (stealth) protocol which allows users to get through firewalls undetected.

VyprVPN built several high-tech security features into their software:

  • VPN Kill-Switch
  • Auto-Connect on untrusted wifi networks
  • Smart Server selection
  • ‘Favorite’ servers list
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • VyprDNS non-logging encrypted DNS service (for truly anonymous website lookups)

Each of these features will be examined in-depth in the ‘Software Features’ section below

VyprVPN Desktop Software Interface

VyprVPN Software and Favorite Server Tool

The software lets you easily switch between all 50+ VyprVPN server locations. You also get access to all four of their available VPN protocols (on the Pro or Premier plan).

Software Interface:

The main software screen gives you all your important data in one screen. From top to bottom you have:

The Server Connection Tool: Displays the currently selected server location and the location button the right side allows you to select a new server from any of VyprVPN’s 50+ locations worldwide.

Bandwidth Graph: Visual graph of your current up/downstream bandwidth

Public IP Address: Shows your current IP address. When not connected this shows your true IP address. When connected to a VPN server, this will show your new IP address (as assigned by VyprVPN)

Connection Duration: Shows duration of your current VPN session

VPN Protocol: Displays your currently selected protocol of the 4 Vypr has available (PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, and Chameleon ‘Stealth’)

NAT Firewall: Shows whether you currently have the NAT firewall enabled/disabled (discussed more under security features below)


VyprVPN Mobile Apps

VyprVPN is one of the few VPN’s that offers a professional grade mobile VPN application. Vypr has apps in both the Android and Itunes store. The apps are free but they only work with the VyprVPN Pro ($14.99/month).  The Android app is has a bit more functionality due to the widget functionality of android. VyprVPN has built 2 awesome widgets right into the app.

vyprvpn review mobile apps

VyprVPN Mobile Apps for Android and iOS

VyprVPN review android widgets

VyprVPN Android Widget

DumpTruck Secure Online Storage

This is a bonus feature included with every VyprVPN subscription. DumpTruck secure storage is owned by GoldenFrog, the same parent company that owns VyprVPN. All users receive 5GB of encrypted online storage with their VPN subscription. The storage capacity can also be upgrade for an additional fee.

Vypr VPN Security


Vyper VPN offers multiple levels of encryption. PPTP has 128-Bit encryption, while OpenVPN offers 160-Bit or 256-Bit encryption. The stronger the encryption the more secure the connection, though speeds may be a bit slower.

DNS Leaks

We didn’t detect any DNS leakage while testing VyprVPN at

VyprVPN Speed Test

GoldenFrog (The company that owns VyprVPN) maintains all their own server infrastructure, and utilizes high speed server clusters. The benefit of all this? Faster speeds, and fewer dropped connections.

Vypr is one of the fastest VPN’s we’ve tested. In fact, nearly all the servers we tested maxed out our ISP connection which is throttled at 15Mbps down/1Mbps Up. It’s no wonder that VyprVPN made our list of the fastest vpn providers. If you have a internet connection than we do, you will actually experience faster speeds than our test shows.

vyprvpn review speedtest usa

USA Speed Test (Los Angeles and Washington DC)

vyprvpn review speed test 2

International Speed Test (Toronto and London)

Click Here to visit VyperVPN and take advantage of their 7 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Who Should Choose VyprVPN?

VyprVPN offers impressive speed and excellent mobile vpn applications for staying secure on the go. If you want to go fast, VyprVPN is for you.

VyprVPN is great for:

  • Anything that requires high speed security
  • HD Video Streaming
  • Secure Internet Anywhere
  • P2p/Bittorrent
  • Skype
  • Secure online storage

Visit VyprVPN.Com



    I am from India, which VPN will be best. I have read your articles . but which will be best in privacy regardless of money for all kind of work.I study in college where few thinks are blocked.
    Vypr, ipvanish, pia, smartdns (tor) etc ..
    Does VPN protect from leaking device ID and operating system etc like information.


      I would try a VPN that has a ‘stealth’ protocol option. Usually it’s OpenVPN TCP on port 443 with is very hard to block (looks like https web traffic). A VPN won’t prevent websites from seeing what OS you’re running, nearly all browsers give that information.


    “DNS Leaks

    We didn’t detect any DNS leakage while testing VyprVPN at”
    Try this one:


      WebRTC leaks are a browser weakness, not technically a DNS leak. They can only be fixed with a browser extension or manually adjusting your browsers WebRTC settings.

    Enor Mouse

    Received DCMA threats from VyprVPN & blocked


      I received notice while using the service as well. All the while I thought i am secured and anonymous but I’m not.


        VyprVPN is an excellent all-around VPN, especially for streaming Netflix and other geo-restricted services. They are not, however, a good choice for torrents. They do keep IP logs (like most VPNs) and users have reported that they may forward any DMCA requests they receive. For truly anonymous torrenting, you will want to choose a zero-log provider such as Private Internet Access or NordVPN (Special Discount offer).

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