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Private Internet Access VPN Review

best no logs vpn private internet access
best no logs vpn private internet access
best no logs vpn private internet access


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4.5/ 5

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Bottom Line

Private Internet Access is one of the best VPN values on the planet. For $3.33/month they offer more features and privacy than some VPN’s 3 times the price. If you need safe, anonymous internet access at a great price, you’ve gotta try PIA

Posted July 14, 2013 by

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Private Internet Access VPN is an incredibly popular choice, and it’s easy to see why. PIA offers above-average features at a rock bottom price. You can get vpn service from Private Internet Access for $40 per year (That’s $3.33 per month). PIA is one of the true anonymous vpn’s, with Zero Connection Logs for maximum privacy online. They allow Bittorrent/P2p and have servers on 3 continents. PIA also has extra premium security features such as DNS Leak Protection and a VPN Kill-Switch to make sure your identity is always safe online.

Private Internet Access Feature List

VPN Features Details
VPN Protocols PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN
Easy Software Setup? Yes
# of Countries with Servers 6
IP Addresses Lots
Encryption 256-bit
DNS Leak Protection? Yes (Optional)
VPN Speed Average
Fast Enough for HD Stream? Yes
Logging Policy No Logs
Skype Allowed? Yes
BitTorrent Allowed? Yes – Non USA Servers
P2P Allowed? Yes – Non USA Servers
Other Features VPN Kill Switch, Port Forwarding
Customer Support 24/7 Email
1 Month Price $6.95/month
12 Month Price $3.33/month

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Private Internet Access Software and Features

Setup and Installation

Getting up and running with PIA is as easy as downloading and installing their software. There’s no manual setup required, unless you want to use PIA for your mobile device, and Private Internet Access has helpful setup guides to make protecting your Android or iOS device quick and easy.

Private Internet Access Software

PIA’s desktop software offers an uncluttered interface with access to tons of features. You can choose your server location, whether to enable port forwarding, TCP/UDP, Enable/Disable DNS Leak Protection, and whether to activate the VPN Kill-Switch (These features discussed below under security).

PIA software interface

Private Internet Access Software

Private Internet Access Security Features

PIA outperforms VPN services costing 3 times the price when it comes to privacy and security. Private Internet Access offers professional-grade encryption, DNS Leak Protection, and a VPN Kill switch to ensure that your true identity is never accidentally revealed online.

Logging Policy: Private Internet Access keeps no connection or usage logs, helping keep users 100% anonymous online

DNS Leak Protection: All Windows operating systems have a security flaw called DNS leak that can cause a users true IP address to be divulged, even when they are using a VPN. PIA builds a fix right into their software, that eliminates all DNS leakage.

VPN Kill Switch: This features gives users the option to automatically shutdown their internet connection if their VPN connection should suddenly fail. This is especially useful for P2P users who want to remain completely anonymous when downloading torrents.

Private Internet Access Speed Test

As you can see from our speedtests, Private Internet Access VPN (while not blazingly fast) is sufficiently fast for almost anything you would want to do online, including Hulu or Netflix HD Streaming.

In testing we achieved speeds much higher than similarly priced VPN’s. Also, non-logging VPN’s like PIA tend to be on the slower side because they attract alot of P2P users, but Private Internet Access has speeds that are well above average for the category, and at half the price of similar anonymous vpn services.

If you’re on the fence, we recommend signing up for a single month to see if PIA can meet your speed needs, because they are truly one of the best VPN values around.

Private Internet Access East Coast Speed Test

USA – East Coast Server

Private Internet Access West Coast Speed Test

USA – California Server

Private Internet Access Canada Speed Test

Canada – Toronto Server

Who should choose Private Internet Access VPN?

If you’re read our Private Internet Access Review to this point, you know what an incredible value it is. PIA packs more features into their VPN service then other providers 2 or even 3 times the price. If you’re on a budget and need safe reliable vpn service, PIA is a terrific choice.

Private Internet Access offers top-notch security and anonymityPIA keeps no connection logs, they plug DNS leaks, and they offer VPN Kill-Switch functionality, all of which serve to keep their users as secure and anonymous as possible online. There are VPN’s that charge $20 a month that don’t offer the same level of privacy, and PIA does it for $3.33 per month.

Private Internet Access works great for:

  • Privacy Nuts (No Logs)
  • Budget Shoppers (Insanely low $3.33/month price)
  • Bittorrent Users (p2p allowed, no logs)
  • HD Video Streaming (Fastest on nearby servers)
  • Skype
  • Anonymous Browsing
  • Secure Connection on any network

Get PIA for $3.33/month!



    BBC iPlayer routinely does not work for weeks at a time. I think their IPs are blocked by the BBC and then there is a whole cat and mouse process of PIA having to find another set of IP addresses’ that they(bbc) cannot block. If you are a Brit abroad looking for stable BBC product then don’t use this VPN;


      This is actually a widespread issue and nearly all VPNs are now blocked by BBC iplayer and it appears they may now be blocked permanently. I just read an article recently stating that bbc will be moving towards an activation code system that will verify bbc subscription status. I was looking through my bookmarks to find the exact article, but apparently I didn’t save it. It appears PIA is not alone in being blocked ( It’s very likely that BBC specifically targeted the most popular VPNs in the world first (PIA, Hidemyass, IPVanish, PureVPN) and will likely expand their blockade to the smaller vpn services over time.

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