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IPVanish Review and Speed Test

IPVanish vs. Expressvpn
IPVanish vs. Expressvpn
IPVanish vs. Expressvpn


VPN Features: , , , , ,
Price (1 Month): $9.95/m
Price (12 Month): $6.50/m
Best Discount Offer:
Save 45% when you sign up for 1 year of IPVanish!




Total Score
4.5/ 5

User Rating
32 total ratings



  • Extremely Fast
  • 52+ Countries
  • 14,000+ IP addresses
  • No Logs! Period.
  • Torrent Friendly


No VPN Kill Switch

Bottom Line

IPVanish is one of the fastest vpn’s around, and with servers in over 40 countries, you’ll can always pick the right one. Even better, it only costs $6.50/month for 12 months, making IPVanish one of the best values around.

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IPVanish is one of the fastest growing VPN’s in the entire world. They have servers in over 52 countries, and over 10 USA server locations so you’ll always be able to find a fast server nearby. I feel like I’ve said “fast” alot, did I mention that IPVanish is fast?

IPVanish also offers excellent customer support, solid encryption, and competitive pricing that makes them one of the most complete VPN services around.

IPVanish Quick Features

VPN Features Details
VPN Protocols PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN
Easy Software Setup? Yes
# of Countries with Servers 52+
IP Addresses 14,000
Encryption 256-bit
DNS Leak Protection? None found in testing
Average Speed Extremely Fast
Fast Enough for HD Stream? Yes – US and International
Logging Policy Now No Logs!
Skype Allowed? Yes
BitTorrent Allowed? Yes – Non USA Servers
P2P Allowed? Yes – Non USA Servers
Customer Support 24/7 Email, Live Chat
1 Month Price $10.00/month
12 Month Price $6.49/month

Get 1 Year for 45% off!

IPVanish Software and Features

Setup and Installation:

IPVanish VPN Setup is quick and easy. Just download and install their desktop vpn client, enter your login info, pick a server and click connect. It’s about a 3 minute process from download to connection. They also offer manual installation options for your smartphone, tablet, or router (and they even have handy visual guides to make it super easy.)

IPVanish Software:

IPVanish Review Software

IPVanish Software

IPvanish’s software is simple, but functional. You can choose from four connection options (L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN UDP, and OpenVPN TCP). You can sort IPVanish’s 150+ servers by city, country, or ping to make it quick and easy to find the perfect server. Once connected to a server, the IPVanish displays your New IP Address at the bottom of the window as seen in the picture. This provides added confirmation that the connection is active.

You can also choose to to login automatically, and whether you would like IPVanish to start automatically when your operating system loads, ensuring that your connection is always secure.

IPVanish Security:

IPVanish offers excellent encryption and privacy. The OpenVPN protocol allows 256-Bit AES Encryption, so secure even your ISP will have no idea what you’re doing online.

Most VPN providers use only 128-bit keys. You may think IPVanish’s security is only doubled but in reality it’s 2128 times as strong. Such a massive difference that I couldn’t even fit the number on this line. 256-bit Symmetric encryption (which IPVanish uses) is considered by current standards to be completely unbreakable by brute-force attacks. Source.

Logging Policy:

IPVanish used to keep temporary connection logs, but starting in April 2014, they no longer keep any logs at all, providing their customers with maximum privacy. IPVanish is now a NO Logs VPN!

IPVanish Speed Test

IPvanish VPN is one of the fastest we’ve ever tested, and they even made the top 3 of our list of the fastest vpn services. Whether you need a fast VPN for streaming video, skype, or p2p, IPVanish has you covered.

Our test connection: We tested IPVanish on a connection that was capped at 20 Mbps. As you can see we nearly maxed out that connection on all servers. If you have a faster connection, you will get faster speeds than we did.

Speed Test Results:

IPVanish Miami USA Speed

Speed – Miami, USA

Ipvanish speed test

Speed – Chicago, USA

IPVanish torrent speed test

IPvanish Torrent Server Netherlands

IPvanish london speed test

Speed – London, UK

Unblocking Websites and Video Streaming with IPVanish

If you’re looking for a VPN to unblock geo-blocked sites like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, MLB and more, IPVanish works great for that. And, because IPVanish has one of the fastest networks of any VPN we’ve tested, you should be able to stream in Full HD with no problems. In our Netflix test, we were able to stream at the highest HD quality settings with no issues or stuttering.

IPVanish for BitTorrent

If you’re wondering: “Does IPvanish Allow Torrents?” We’re happy to report that they do. Certainly they’d prefer that you restrict your torrent downloads to less regulated servers like those in Netherlands, Luxembourg, Egypt, Romania, and Russia but IPvanish is still happy to provide p2p users with the full speeds of their lightning fast network.

Even better, IPvanish no longer keeps vpn logs, not even connection logs, giving you maximum privacy for your online activities. Match that with 256-bit OpenVPN encryption and you have an awesome all-in-one security solution!

Get 1 Year for 45% off!

Who Should Pick IPVanish?

IPVanish is one of the best vpn values we’ve found  and would be suitable for almost any application. They offer servers in 52 countries and super-charged speeds at a lower price than any competitor with similar features. IPVanish can be had for as low as $6.49/month if you buy 12 months. Otherwise it’s $10/month for month-to month service.

IPVanish works great for:

  • HD Video Streaming
  • Skype
  • Netflix. Hulu, HBO Go
  • Bittorrent / P2P
  • Secure Connection on public wifi
  • Anonymous Browsing

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    Nice review! I love their VPN software. That makes it easier to connect (and I believe it helps prevent leaks in the connection).

    Anyway, I would also give this VPN 5/5 stars. 🙂


    Awesome service that allows me to watch premier leagues and MLS games from bbconline when on vacation. Quite important to an avid Manchester United fan!

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