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IBVPN Review and Speed Test

ibvpn review
ibvpn review
ibvpn review


VPN Features: , ,
Price (1 Month): as low as $4.95/m
Price (12 Month): as low as $3.10/m




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4/ 5

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Bottom Line

IBVPN has more pricing options available than any other VPN we’ve tested, so they’re sure to have a package that fits your budget. They are P2P friendly, have servers in 15 countries, and have VPN plans starting around $3/month

Posted May 15, 2013 by

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Invisible Browsing VPN (Better known as IBVPN) is one of the most affordable VPN options available today. They have more than 6 VPN package options so users never have to pay for features they don’t need. With several VPN packages starting at around $3/month, anyone looking for a good cheap VPN should check out IBVPN’s offerings. In addition to budget options, IBVPN offers their top of the line “Ultimate VPN” package with access to servers in over 12 countries.

IBVPN believes in net neutrality and doesn’t discriminate against any specific technologies. They allow BitTorrent and p2p use on specific servers. They also accept BitCoin for extra-careful individuals.

IBVPN Packages and Pricing

Since IBVPN has more options than most other VPN providers, we thought it’d be easier just to post their comparison chart. You can also visit the IBVPN website

IBVPN review pricing options

IBVPN Pricing and Packages

As you can see, if you are willing to buy 1 year at a time, IBVPN offers 4 packages at around 3 bucks a month. That’s a screamin’ deal!


IBVPN Feature List

VPN Features Details
VPN Protocols OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, SSTP
Easy Software Setup? Yes
# of Countries with Servers 15
IP Addresses Lots
Encryption 256-Bit
DNS Leak Protection? no
VPN Speed Above Average
HD Streaming Capable Yes
Logging Policy Temporary (7 days)
Skype Allowed? Yes
BitTorrent/P2P Allowed? Yes
BitCoin Accepted? Yes
Mobile App Iphone App, Andoid OpenVPN
Other Features Proxy included with ultimate VPN
Customer Support 24/7 Email, support tickets
1 Month Price $4.95 and up
12 Month Price $3.10 and up

See all IBVN’s Features

IBVPN Software and Features

IBVPN comes with easy to use software that makes achieving VPN security quick and easy. Just download and install the software, enter your login information, and click connect. IBVPN’s software is simple but functional. It’s easy to use and does everything most users would need right out of the box. If you’re not sure whether IBVPN is the perfect fit, make use of their IBVPN free trial. They give you 3 individual 2 hour trials, which should be plenty of time to tell if IBVPN is the one for you.

Main Software Interface

IBVPN review software generalIBVPN’s software is straightforward and easy to use. You can select which of your VPN packages you’d like to utilize for the session (for example if you subscribe to the USA VPN package and the Torrent VPN package).  You can also elect whether to store your login information for the next session.

IBVPN lets you choose your VPN protocol right from the software, no manual setup required. You also can choose TCP vs UDP and which server you’d like to connect to.

There is a handy ‘connection status’ bar that shows the progress of your clients’ handshake with the VPN server. You can also check your new IP address right from the software to easily verify your anonymous status.

IBVPN Settings Menu


ibvpn review settings

The settings tab of the software offers additional VPN options.

You can elect whether to load IBVPN on startup, so you never have to remember to start your VPN software. You can also choose to auto login and auto-reconnect.

Don’t miss the FREE IBVPN Trial.

IBVPN has now expanded their free trial to 3 separate 2-hour trials, to make sure that you have enough time to decide if IBVPN is the right choice. They don’t require any payment information for the free trial. The signup process can be a bit confusing, but basically you have to create an IBVPN account. There will be a choice of payment option below the signup form, but you’ll never have to enter any payment information as long as the item in your cart is the ‘6 hour free trial.’

IBVPN Speed Test

ibvpn review virginia speed test

USA – Virginia

ibvpn review canada speed test

Canada – Montreal

ibvpn review p2p speed test

P2P – Netherlands

IBVPN performed pretty well in our speed test when compared to other VPN providers in the same price range.

While the speeds aren’t off the charts, they should be plenty fast for HD streaming, though you may need to find a server in your general geographic area (within 1000 miles) for maximum streaming quality.

The P2P server test was a bit slower, but that’s to be expected because torrent traffic is a notorious bandwidth hog. IBVPN’s P2P server speeds were actually above average compared to other P2P specific VPN servers we have tested. Their P2P servers are located in The Netherlands and Luxemburg so European customers will likely experience faster speeds than this test shows.

Who should pick IBVPN?

IBVPN has a package for every budget, so they can meet the needs of a wide range of customers. We think their best offerings are the Regional VPN Packages (USA, Europe, etc) and the Torrent VPN package. All of these packages start at around $3/month. The Total VPN package starting at under $6/month is also a great value.

IBVPN Is Great for:

  • General Security and Encrypted Browsing
  • Total Security at Wifi Hotspots
  • Unblocking websites
  • Video Streaming
  • BitTorrent/P2P
  • Privacy nuts (no usage logs and 7 day connection logs. Bitcoin accepted)

For a full breakdown of IBVPN’s features and pricing options, and to take advantage of their free trial offer. Please visit their website.



    Martin Toegg

    I’ve done a trial of their service 3 times over the last 8 months. The first time I found a serious security issue and reported it to their support department immediately. Their All-in-one VPN client sends everyone’s username and password in clear text via unencrypted HTTP connection to the ibVPN servers when you log in!!!!
    I just checked for the 3rd time and the issue is still not fixed 8 months later. That’s ridiculous!


      How do you know the username/password is being sent in clear text? Can you see other user’s login data? If so that would be a massive security flaw. Do you have screenshot proof?


      Thank you, Martin, for your feedback. Indeed, at the time you tested our Windows app, the username and the password were sent from the app to our servers for authentication via HTTP. In the meanwhile we have fixed the issue.


    After testing lots of services, I found this awesome VPN service.
    ibVPN works smoothly, no matter the device and their customer supportis very helpful and friendly.
    I am more than sure that is the most reliable VPN service out there.
    A very happy customer!


    Nice service, highly secured and awesome support!


    Please update the review, windows app looks way better and many features. Customer support is great, staff is friendly.
    They could work more on their speeds but is a good service.

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