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How to Unblock Twitter in Turkey

The Turkish government has recently allowed ISP’s in Turkey to sensor an websites they want. Recently the Turkish firewall has blocked access to the most popular social media sites in the world such as Twitter and Facebook. The good news is that it is still possible to access any public website in the world, even sites that are blocked in Turkey, by using a VPN to unblock twitter.

What is a VPN?

I VPN is a secure internet connection between your computer and a remote web server. All the data that passes between your computer and the web server is encrypted inside a VPN tunnel. This means that your internet provider or the Turkish government Cannot read your internet traffic. It is totally secure.

Also, if your VPN server is located in an outside country, such as the United states, Netherlands, Germany, etc, you will have free and complete access to all websites on the internet, since they have do not restrict, filter, or firewall the internet.

Steps to Unblock Twitter in Turkey

1 – Sign up for a VPN service

There are many VPN providers, but to access twitter in turkey, you will want one that is safe, secure, affordable, and has servers in many different countries around the world. You would also prefer one that has faster speeds.

Turkey may block some of the VPN websites required to sign up for the VPN, so I have included 2 links to each VPN. If one is blocked, try the second.

The best VPN’s to unblock twitter are:

  1. IPvanish – They have servers in over 25 countries around the world, and are one of the fastest VPN providers. Unlimited VPN plans start under $6/month with 1 year of service. Sign up for IPVanish. If that link doesn’t work, click here.
  2. Private Internet Access – PIA is one of the most popular VPN’s in the world. They have very cheap prices, and keep no VPN logs, so users are completely anonymous online. They have servers on 3 continents, so you can unblock twitter, facebook, netflix, and hulu. Sign up for Private Internet Access.

2 – Connect to your VPN and unblock twitter and other websites.

Connecting to the VPN is easy. Once you sign up and pay for your account (you can pay with paypal, credit card, bitcoin or many other options) they will give you a link to download the VPN software.

Just install the VPN software, type in your username and password, choose a VPN server from the list (they will be arranged by country) and click connect…

Once you are connected to a server in a country with internet freedom, all your favorite social media websites will be unblocked.