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Some people love to read pages and pages of in-depth VPN reviews and some people would rather we just tell you which VPN is right for your needs.

So here it is, straight, simple, and clear. For each common VPN usage, we picked our favorite VPN service. Enjoy.

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The Best Cheap VPN Service

We don’t love the term cheap because people tend to associate with a lack of quality. Rest assured, this is not the case with Private Internet Access. At $40/year, you’re not likely to find a better deal anywhere, but they still deliver industry leading security features including:

  • No logs of any kind
  • Up to 256-bit VPN data encryption and 4096-bit keys
  • Built in Kill-Switch technology
  • DNS leak protection
  • Torrents allowed
  • Free mobile app for iOS/Android
  • Anonymous payments with BitCoin

Here at VPNTopTen, we can get free VPN accounts basically at will “for testing purposes” but PIA is one of the few services we choose to spend our own money on. If you just need an all around great VPN at an affordable price, get PIA now!

Get PIA for $3.33!

Honorable Mention: IBVPN has plans starting as low as $36.95/year

Best VPN to stream Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, etc…

If you want to unblock or stream HD video between countries or continents, you’re going to want an incredibly fast VPN provider with tons of server locations. That’s why IPVanish is our top choice. They own the only Tier-1 data network of any VPN provider and they have servers in over 59 countries and 6 continents. Read our full IPvanish review if you want to learn more.

 Best IPVanish Offers  

Honorable Mention: Hidemyass VPN offers even more servers, though the speeds may be a bit slower.


Best VPN For Torrents

Bittorrent users probably want a few extra features when it comes to choosing a VPN provider:

  • No VPN activity logs or connection logs
  • Torrents allowed
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • Disconnect Protection (like a VPN Kill-Switch)
  • Bitcoin payment option

Private Internet Access offers all of these and more for only $40 a year. Even better, PIA includes free proxy servers with every VPN package which means you can route your torrent client through a proxy server in one country, and your whole internet connection through a different server using the VPN. The benefit is maximum security and flexibility (you can torrent through a Netherlands server while watching Netflix on a U.S. based VPN server. Brilliant! Sign up now and get PIA for only $3.33/month!

Get PIA for $3.33!

Honorable Mention: offers all of the above features + free proxy servers, and they provide the industry’s first transparency report, showing DMCA notices and warrant requests on their network. They missed our top spot due to the fact that they are a relative newcomer on the VPN scene, but certainly worth a look.


Best VPN For Power Users

If you need all the bells and whistles, all the features, all the servers, all the everything, you’re a power user. You know who you are. HideMyAss VPN is a power users’ playground.

They offer:

  • More server locations than any other VPN
  • The most IP addresses
  • The best VPN software of any VPN
  • Unlimited speeds/bandwidth
  • Randomized IP and server switching (optional)
  • Ping or full speed tests for a list of servers you choose
  • Secure IP-bind technology
  • Annual plan is only $6.55/month

Save 43% off per Year of HMA

The Fastest VPN Service

There are a lot of VPN providers that claim to be fast but there is only 1 VPN provider that has a tier-1 broadband network. This means that as a subscriber you get access to the fastest speeds and maximum bandwidth available of any VPN provider. IPVanish is the fastest VPN we have tested, and an excellent choice for any common VPN usage.

Top IPVanish Features:

  • Only Tier-1 VPN Provider
  • Fastest Speeds we’ve seen
  • Servers in 60+ Countries (2nd most of any VPN)
  • No Logs. (Completely Anonymous)
  • Bitcoin Accepted
  • Excellent customer support

Save 46% on IPVanish

Best Stealth VPN

If you’re behind a firewall and you want to unblock websites without being detected, you need a stealth vpn. A stealth VPN uses the SSTP VPN protocol to disguise itself as regular SSL traffic. This allows you to break through even major national firewalls like the ‘Great Firewall of China’ undetected.

We chose PureVPN as our preferred stealth VPN service. First off, they have excellent software with advanced functionality like split routing which allows you to route certain programs inside the VPN tunnel and other programs outside for maximum flexibility. Also, PureVPN’s prices are under $50/year which is a great value.

PureVPN Features:

  • 4 VPN Protocols
  • Extremely fast speeds
  • Priced at $49.95/year ($4.16/month)
  • Stealth VPN
  • Split Routing
  • NAT Firewall included free (extra security)
  • 5 Simultaneous Connections allowed
  • Free Smart DNS ($4.95 monthly value FREE!)

Save 65% of 1 Year of PureVPN!

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