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Is IPVanish the Best Torrent VPN

IPVanish VPN is a popular choice for torrent downloaders looking to keep their torrent traffic anonymous. IPVanish does allow torrents and their new ‘No Logs Policy’ puts them in the elite category of truly anonymous torrent VPN providers, but how do their other security features compare to the competition?

Advantages of using IPVanish for Torrents

When it comes to hiding your torrent activity, IPVanish does most things better than the average VPN provider. Here’s a list of specific features IPVanish offers, that make them stand out from the crowd.

IPVanish Keeps No logs. Period.

When choosing a torrent VPN, we recommend you always pick a VPN that keeps no logs (making it impossible to trace activity from your anonymous IP address to your true IP address). There are two types of VPN logs (activity logs and connection logs). IPVanish keeps neither type of logs.

Because they keep no logs, IPVanish keeps your online activity totally anonymous and virtually untraceable.

IPVanish Allows Torrents

IPVanish has stated in their FAQ that they do allow torrents. Many VPN providers ‘claim to allow torrents’ but will just cancel your account the first time they receive a letter.

We haven’t seen any evidence that IPVanish cancels accounts for downloading torrents (and because they keep no logs, it should be theoretically impossible for them to identify a specific user anyway). IPVanish appears to be pretty torrent-friendly.

(That said, it would make their lives much easier if you restrict torrent activity to servers in torrent-friendly countries like Switzerland, Mexico, and the Netherlands).

Fast Speeds

IPVanish operates on their own Tier-1 Data Network, which allows them to deliver some of the fastest speeds of any VPN provider. We’ve hit speeds over 50Mbps on multiple servers in our testing, and we’ve seen even faster speeds from people with faster connections. Bottom Line: IPVanish is FAST

Strong Security/Encryption

IPVanish gives you 256-bit OpenVPN encryption with their excellent VPN software. This is extremely strong encryption (the same VPN protocol used by the U.S. military) and is considered unbreakable by a brute force attack (even by the NSA).

Strong encryption protects all your transferred data from being read by third-parties. Even your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can’t break the encryption or see what you’re downloading online. Encryption also allows you to bypass throttling and get higher download speeds.

Torrent Features IPVanish is Missing

IPVanish has a solid list of features that are useful for torrenting, but they’re also missing a few extra features offered by other popular torrent VPN’s. Most notably, Private Internet Access.

Here are some additional features we’d like to see added (a few of them, like the vpn kill-switch, are currently in IPVanish’s development pipeline).

VPN Kill-Switch

Many VPN providers are adding a kill-switch features to their VPN software. A Kill-Switch instantly kills your internet connectivity if the VPN disconnects. This is designed to prevent your data or IP address from leaking outside the secure VPN tunnel (a great feature for bittorrent users).

Torrent-friendly VPN’s that include a VPN Kill-Switch in their software are:

I have spoken with a representative of IPVanish and I was told that this is a feature they’re strongly considering for a future software release, but it’s not available yet. You can, however, build your own VPN kill switch for free.

Included Torrent Proxy

While VPN’s are very popular for making your torrents anonymous, an anonymous proxy service is also an excellent option, because it allows you route your torrent traffic separately from your web browser traffic (each will have its own IP address).

A proxy can also eliminate the need for a VPN kill-switch, because if you configure your proxy settings correctly in your torrent software, the torrent software will be unable to reach the internet in the event of a failed proxy server connection (same effect as a kill-switch).

There are a few VPN services (like this one) that include free proxy service with every purchase. Private internet Access includes VPN and proxy service in one unlimited package for under $4/month. Even better, they offer 5 simultaneous connections so you can use the VPN and proxy simultaneously.

We made a great Video on how to set up PIA’s proxy server with uTorrent.

There are a select few other VPN’s that include free proxy service:

  • Proxy.sh VPN + 3 proxy servers (no logs)
  • ibVPN Ultimate + includes SmartDNS and proxy servers

IPVanish doesn’t currently include torrent proxy service.

We’re unaware of any plans by IPVanish to include Socks5 proxy service with their VPN packages. Keep in in mind that this is an extremely rare feature that only a few VPN’s offer, and while it can be very useful for downloading torrents anonymously, it’s certainly not necessary.

Bottom Line: is IPVanish safe for Torrents?

The concept of ‘the right VPN’ is really a personal choice, and the decision comes down to deciding what features are most important to you.

Reasons to choose IPVanish for torrents:

Speed: IPVanish delivers incredibly fast speeds that few competitors can match. It’s even more noticeable if your internet connection is 25 mbps or faster.

Server Locations: IPVanish has servers in 80+ countries, more than almost any other VPN provider. Private Internet Access only has servers in 11 countries. If you the greatest variety of server locations, IPVanish has more than any other non-logging VPN.

Reasons to choose another VPN

Proxy Service: If you decide that access to a proxy server for your torrents is a ‘must-have’ feature, you’ll either need to subscribe to a separate anonymous proxy service in addition to IPVanish, or choose a VPN provider that includes with your VPN package.

VPN Kill-Switch: This is a very useful feature for torrents, and IPVanish doesn’t offer it (yet) so if you want a VPN provider with a kill-switch built into their software, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

These VPN’s include Proxy Service + Built in Kill-Switch

Private Internet AccessPIA has 256-bit encryption, a Netherlands-based proxy server (great for torrents) and a VPN kill-switch included with every VPN purchase. Even better, if you buy a year of service, it only costs $3.33/month

Proxy.shProxy.sh has almost identical features to PIA. You get 3 proxy server locations, 256-bit encryption, a VPN Kill-switch, Mobile VPN app, and their no-logs guarantee.